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Z.VEX <ズィーベックス> [31]
  品 名  品 番  カテゴリー
Woolly Mammoth/Skelly PP-BLEFCZVWLMC2Bass Effects
Channel 2EFCZVXCNL2Booster
Super Duper Vexter SeriesEFCZVXSDPVBooster
Super Hard On Vexter SeriesEFCZVXSHOVBooster
Super Hard onEFCZVXSPHOBooster
'59 Sound Vexter Series LimitedEFCZVX59SVDistortion
Box of Rock Vexter SeriesEFCZVXBRCVDistortion
Box of RockEFCZVXBXRCDistortion
Double Rock!EFCZVXDLRKDistortion
Double Rock! Vexter SeriesEFCZVXDRKVDistortion
Vertical Box Of RockEFCZVXVBRVDistortion
Octane 3/Octa-RodEFCZVOC3C1Fuzz
Fat Fuzz Factory Vexter SeriesEFCZVXFFFVFuzz
Fat Fuzz FactoryEFCZVXFFZFFuzz
Fuzz Factory 7EFCZVXFZF7Fuzz
Fuzz FactoryEFCZVXFZFCFuzz
Fuzz Factory Vexter SeriesEFCZVXFZFVFuzz
Silicon Fuzz Factory Vexter SeriesEFCZVXSFFVFuzz
Vertical Fuzz Factory Vexter SeriesEFCZVXVFFVFuzz
Loop Gate Vextron SeriesEFCZVXLPGVLoop & Switcher
Instant Lo-Fi Junky Vexter SeriesEFCZVXILJVOther Effects
InventoboxEFCZVXINBXOther Effects
Super Ringtone Vexter SeriesEFCZVXSRTVOther Effects
Sonar Vexter SeriesEFCZVXSNRVTremolo
Super Seek Trem Vexter SeriesEFCZVXSSTVTremolo
Super Seek Wah Vexter SeriesEFCZVXSSWVWah

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