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PepTone <ペップトーン> [10]
  品 名  品 番  カテゴリー
Clean Boost PlusEFCPPCNBTPBooster
Box of Tone/DS-1 ModEFCPPDS1BTDistortion
Boutique of High Gain/MT-2 ModEFCPPMT2BHDistortion
Magic Fuzz/Muff ModEFCPPMUFMFFuzz
The Tone Driver/BD-2 ModEFCPPBD2TDOverdrive
Pep-Amp 2-FiftyEFCPPPA250Overdrive
Supreme Drive/SD-1 ModEFCPPSD1SDOverdrive
Screamin' Dog/TS9DX ModEFCPPTS9SDOverdrive
True TS/TS9 ModEFCPPTS9TTOverdrive
Pure Tremolo/TR-2 ModEFCPPTR2PTTremolo

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